“many hands make light work”

Each year, the Worshipful Master outlines his vision for the Craft and sets them to work.  The committees and duties listed heretofore represent a typical division of labors, although changes are possible in accordance with the wishes and direction of the Worshipful Master.


–Responsible for selecting annual award recipients

–Purchasing of the awards

–Outline Evening Agenda


–Power to draw warrants on the Treasurer, authorized by any of the Committee Members, for any sum not to exceed on hundred ($100.00) for the relief of any distressed Brother.

–Report and note in the minutes of the Lodge at its next Regular Communication

^Delinquent Dues

–Referred all cases of delinquent dues for investigation

–and providing written reports to the Lodge.


-Responsible for the development and presentation of information benefiting the membership, including new Masons and long serving members of the Craft, by sharing knowledge, recruiting knowledgeable Brethren, and reviewing Masonic Education information


–Preparation and planning for meals following Degree work and

–Lead travel and trip arrangements

–And advise and support Social Event planning


–Audit all bills filed with the Secretary prior to their presentation to the Lodge,

–and shall audit the books of the Treasurer and Secretary,

–render its report to the Lodge at the Regular Communication in the month of January each year,

–present to the Brethren an update on the status of the Lodge’s Portfolio at the February, May, September, and November Regular Communications, and

–review all proposed budgets for the upcoming Masonic Year, and present their recommendations to the Brethren at the November Regular Communication.


–Permanent investigation committee

^Masonic Home

–Sufficiently informed to answer, or obtain answers, to all Lodge questions pertaining to the Michigan Masonic Home,

–to serve as a connecting link between the Home, the Home Board, and the Lodge in matters relative to the welfare of the Michigan Masonic Home

–and to assist in such other Lodge and Home activities as the Grand Master may direct


–Review all properly submitted requests made to the Lodge for Life Membership

–and provide recommendations for granting or denying the Life Membership requests

–Oversee Lodge Mentor program by providing access to resources,  training, and advisement


–Review at frequent intervals the list of deceased Brethren, who have expired during the preceding five years.

–Check on the financial status of the surviving widows and orphans of the above deceased Brethren and if worthy cases are discovered, call these cases to the attention of the Lodge and Grand Lodge Orphans Committee


–Exercise a general supervision over all properties of the Lodge, such as robes, paraphernalia, furniture, etc.

–and to make a recommendation to the Lodge, when in their judgments, replacements are necessary.

–Maintain a current inventory of all Lodge properties

–and shall advise the Worshipful Master concerning adequate insurance coverage on the same.

^Public Relations

–Updating and drafting all Lodge communications to the Community

–Includes digital and print media


–Responsible for promoting annual scholarship at the targeted high schools,

–Maintain a historical account of scholarship winners

–Invite the scholarship recipient to the dinner

–Selection of the scholarship recipient

^Sick and Visitation

–Obtain all information relative to Brethren who are sick or in distress

–and report such information to the Lodge